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After some goofy photos, I decided to tend to my rock, dirt, and tree filled knee wound.

As I stumbled towards the health tent, Kurt, the Scott rep, said, “You were so fun to watch, you were such a ball of joy entering the aid stations, with a smile across your entire face.”    I immediately stopped and looked at him with a stupid grin across my face and thanked him immensely. 

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At the heart of the Petzl enterprise you will find the will of its founders to serve their passion for exploration.  Today, more than ever, Petzl reaffirms this commitment.
- Allow the prgoress of users engaged in their own pursuits (professional or athletic) whether in the vertical realm or somewhere more obscure.
- Share our expertise with the community.


Christof Teuscher

800-mi Oregon Desert Trail Speed Record Attempt

On Aug 29, 2015, 43-year old Portland State University (PSU) Professor Christof Teuscher will attempt to establish a speed record on the brand new 800-mile Oregon Desert Trail (ODT). Shane von Schlemp thru-hiked the trail in 2014 in 34 days and holds the current record. Teuscher’s ambitious goal is to run the very challenging and largely unmarked trail across the Oregon deserts solo and self-supported in 17 days, half of the current record time. “I picked this challenge because it’s local and extremely difficult. It is far beyond anything I have ever done, and there is obviously a very high risk of failure,” says Teuscher.

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The Mountain Goat licks his wounds, or stitches?? his wounds. If you can't handle seeing a very small amount of blood, don't watch. :)

Posted by Jason Bryant on Friday, August 21, 2015

North Carolina First Aid: Caution GRAPHIC CONTENT

DO NOT WATCH IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH. La Sportiva Ambassador, Jason Bryant, shows us how to clean, dress and suture a deep laceration. He is a trained professional on a closed course. No one else should ever try this.

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Lessons Learned: Georgia Death Race 68-mile Trail Run 2015 - 03/26/2015

I cursed a lot. I almost started crying.

By the time I was back up to the highway crossing, I was frantic. I found the small trail heading down into the wooded abyss on the other side of the highway (you could see flagging about 100-feet downhill in a headlamp beam once you were on the opposite side of the road). Running angrily downhill through every bit of pain, I was nearly hyperventilating. More...

Ventana (single) Cone Adventure - 02/18/2015

After carefully analyzing topographic maps and satellite imagery I saw potential for an aesthetic route from the depths of the Carmel River Canyon directly to Ventana (single) Cone, arguably the most remote major summit in the Ventana Wilderness. Only an average of one party a year visits Ventana Cone and all appear to access via the 2 mile bushwhack from Pine Ridge. More...

USATF Half Marathon Trail Championships 2014 - 10/27/2014

A runner on my heels yelled to me to get up which is always good advice as it usually starts hurting if you don't get up and run right away. I bounced up and ran the rest of the way in a little fatigued and scraped up but no worse for wear. More...

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Six Ways to Salvage a Bad Race

Six Ways to Salvage a Bad Race

 No matter where you are at in this sport, you have probably come a long way. Take pride in YOUR progress. This may mean making a screen on your garmin that tracks total gain for the day (hallelujah when that goes past 10.0k!) or maybe making note of the main climbs and giving yourself a hell-yea when you get to the top of one. Celebrate how far you have come already and you will see you don’t really have that far to go. You CAN do this!

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Laura Haefeli

Laura Haefeli

La Sportiva and Honey Stinger athlete, Laura Haefeli has won 7 Mountain and Trail National Championship titles, made 5 World Mt. Running Teams, been named Mt. Runner of the Year 5 times, and was the first U.S. Woman ever to win a medal at a World Mt. Running Championship. She also married into a beekeeping family.  Here is what she has to say about beekeeping and trail running.

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