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Wasatch Front 100

Wasatch Front 100


That was the word I used when telling a friend why I wanted to run my first 100, Western States.  I could imagine myself on the Western States course and crossing the finish line. And that, I did 11 years ago.  Driving into Sugarhouse Park, the site of race check-in/meeting, there stood a garden with the word IMAGINE formed by the flowers. I took a big breath in and felt calmness run over me. I had imagined WF 100, now I needed to believe I could do it.

The mind is a powerful tool. It can make whatever you truly believe happen. Others believed I could earn the Crimson Cheetah, but did I?

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Native Eyewear

Native Eyewear

La Sportiva is proud to be partnering with Native Eyewear for the 2014 season.  Native will be providing technical eyewear for the La Sportiva Mountain Running Team in addition to great race prizes found at La Sportiva sponsored running events.  Check the race calendar for a full listing of La Sportiva sponsored events and keep an eye out for the La Sporitva Mountian Running Team in 2014!



Eric Blake Finishes 25th at World Championships

La Sportiva Ambassador, Eric Blake, takes 25th place at World Mountain Running Championships in Italy, hot off the heels of his 1st place victory at the World Masters Mountain Running Championships.

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Buddy Jones Test Drives the Bushido!

La Sportiva Mountain Running Athlete Buddy Jones just received the new Bushido and is psyched to say the least! Check out his review of the newest product from our Mountain Running line including technical info and real feedback from the trails of Southern California.

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Training Commences - 02/17/2014

I had a nice little break after Rocky Raccoon, but now it is time to get serious!! and I've got plenty of work to do. So it was back to Monday morning track work. My mile time is about 20 seconds off "normal"( 6:11 but we did run in crazy rain and wind). But the most disheartening thing was my strength - I struggled through 20 squats with the kiddos. Last year I could rip off 50, no problem! I am blaming it on my kids getting heavier! More...

SoCal is Where the Mountains Meet the Sea - 06/07/2013

First of all everyone has an idea or a thought about what Los Angeles is, what it offers and why they go. I have been brought up watching movies and TV that paint LA as an ultra hip posh town. With swanky restaurants and celebs every which way. Everything outdoors usually involves a beach and palm trees. While this is part of LA it is not all of LA and SoCal. It’s also not even close to why I come to SoCal. LA is surround by mountains on 3 sides and the ocean on the other side. More...

Sabrina Basin - 10/31/2012

I had just enough time to squeeze in a morning run to Hungry Packer Lake and make it back in time for a run to Dusy Basin later that afternoon. On this morning there was some breeze that precluded the type of mirror-like reflection in Sailor Lake that I had witnessed in 2007, but further explorations to Hungry Packer Lake’s outlet yielded some nice shots. More...

XTERRA Trail Nationals 2014 life doesn't always follow your plan - 10/15/2014

When I ran 2 years ago I was fourth in my age division and my wife told me if I ever won my age division I could go to Worlds.... More...

Burpees, Fartleks and Graston: Training Update - 04/01/2014

I am in the thick of an aggressive training period in preparation for my next cluster of races starting with the Don’t Fence Me In 30k in Helena, Montana on May 10th. I am averaging 70 miles a week exclusively on trails (which is like 10-20 miles more on roads) and 2-3 workouts at Terrain Gym. My weekly running workouts are a variation of tempos, progressions and fartleks. More...

Red Hot 33K - 02/27/2014

I joined Megan Kimmel (Asics), 5 time La Sportiva Mountain Cup winner and Brandy Erholtz, (New Balance) 5 time member of the U.S. Mountain Running Team on the starting line. After a few words from race director, Chris Martinez, we were off at 8:30 am sharp climbing 300 feet in the first mile. More...

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How To Train For Your Next FKT

How To Train For Your Next FKT

How do you train for a type of running that isn’t always running? Where does the mental fortitude come from to prepare to handle bushwacking for hours, wet feet, and tantalizing storm clouds while there’s still 15 more hours to go?

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Thomas Reiss

Thomas Reiss

I started running at 22 in my native country of Germany. My first goal was simply to finish a marathon. With just 3 months of training I not only finished, but with a time of 2:56. Not a bad finish time for so little training. Then again, I was 22. Nonetheless, this first success landed me a spot on my hometown’s running club team and opened the doors to the world of middle and long distance running. As a member of the club, I ran anything from 800m to half marathons.

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